Delivering growth to YOUR business by exploiting market inefficiencies


Delivering growth to YOUR business by exploiting market inefficiencies

Maurice Global Trading is a family run business. By acting as export agents, we establish long term trade relationships between frontier markets, with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan African countries.

How do you penetrate these complex and fragmented markets? Africa is not just “Africa”, each country, and even region within each country, has its own distribution channels and unique consumers.


Just leave it to us. If you are competitive and we believe that there is a market for your products, we will go to the key markets ourselves, and activate our network of distributors in various parts of Africa.


Continue to focus on your core markets, and we’ll deliver extra sales.






The Team

Ladislas Maurice


After his Bachelor’s in Canada, and a Master of International Business & Law at the University of Sydney in Australia, Ladislas joined Nestlé at their headquarters in Switzerland. He was then expatriated to Africa where he spent 7 years on the continent in sales & marketing for the group. Initially based in Johannesburg for 4 years, Ladislas was a channel executive and then brand manager for Nestlé Ice Cream Southern Africa, which led him to travel around the region, and to deal with many distributors and local key accounts such as Spar, Shoprite, Wal-Mart and Woolworths.


He then spent 3 years on the executive board of Nestlé Ghana in charge of the Nestle dairy business for Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, resulting in him working directly with the local distributors. Having worked on a number of private deals, his network expands beyond these regions and expands into Central Africa and East Africa as well.

Dr. Jean-Gabriel Maurice


Having completed his Bachelor degrees in Business in Nova Scotia, Canada, Jean-Gabriel worked as a sale representative and management consultant at various companies in Canada and Europe. 


He then decided to went on to complete a Master’s degree in New Brunswick and his PhD at the University of Montreal in the field of business. Jean-Gabriel subsequently worked at numerous academic institutions in their management departments including INSEAD business school France, the American University of Armenia, UBO in France, Viadrina European University in Germany, KIMEP in Kazakhstan, Royal University for Women in Bahrain, and A’Sharqiyah University in Oman. 


He did also completed various missions in Laos and Estonia. He now focuses on teaching intensive business related courses at various private business schools in francophone Africa, and on building business partnerships locally. 


Currently looking for competitive companies to represent in Sub-Saharan Africa

We will agree to represent only companies whose products are competitive enough for the African marketplace. In order to protect our African partners, we select companies that have a track record of exporting, and that have solid financials. 

By exploiting market inefficiencies, and offering lower cost and superior quality products to the African consumer, we reach a win-win situation for everybody. 

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